Pet Stain Removal & Odor Removal in Rochester, MN

We all love our carpets, We also love our pets.

But sometimes, pets and carpets do not mix. It is a tough situation to have carpets with pet stains. It is impossible to get carpets back to normal after a disaster. That is why it is good to contact the professionals. High Quality Carpet Cleaning can blast pet stains and odors away. It takes specialized cleaning equipment to remove problematic spots and stains. Carpet technicians know just how to get your carpets looking as good as new. Any stain or accident can be cleaned up quickly and easily with professionals on the scene.

It is important to get pet stains cleaned quickly. What people do not know is that pet stains and dirty carpets are a playground for bacteria and germs. This makes the indoor environment dangerous, making everyone sick more often than not. It is important to contact professional carpet cleaners quickly. Carpet technicians can remove harmful germs while protecting carpet. Eliminate bad odors right away. A professional cleaning from High Quality Carpet Cleaning leaves carpets spotless and with a fresh scent.

No one enjoys a dirty carpet. They enjoy bad odors even less. Bad smells are a definite sign to contact a professional carpet cleaning service. Odors are a by-product of germs and bacteria interacting with carpet. Destroy harmful organisms with the professionals at High Quality Carpet Cleaning. They have powerful equipment designed for a thorough clean. Do not waste time trying to scrub out pet stains with household cleaners. It takes commercial equipment and special enzymatic products to get the best results.

Soap and water does not work on pet stains. It only pushes the problem down further. It may even harm delicate carpets and rugs. It does not completely remove the stain either. It takes high temperatures to destroy bacteria and stains. Enzymes can dissolve problem stains that cause odors. Have the cleaning experts provide a powerful and deep cleaning. Restore carpets and get a clean smelling scent at the same time.


There is no need to give up after pet stains. There’s no need to be upset at Fido for an easily rectified mistake when you have the experts at High Quality Carpet Cleaning on your side. Even the worst carpet can be revived by their team. Destroy the toughest stains easily. Pet hair, cat dander, odors and spotting are a common problem for any carpet. Get regular cleaning from professionals and never have to worry about your carpets again. Have them maintained by experts with years in the business. Keep carpets continually clean and fresh with the area’s most respected company.

  High Quality Carpet Cleaning has products that are specifically formulated to destroy tough pet stains. Do not waste time on store-bought products. Scrubbing only ruins a good carpet. Get professionals to provide expert cleaning that works on any carpet or rug. Carpets are made of delicate fibers. Experienced technicians can revitalize dirty carpets quickly without damaging them. Get professional results at the most affordable prices. Contact High Quality Carpet cleaning and experience the change immediately.